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2018 LAWRENCE WORKSHOP McCormick Scottsdale Hotel, Scottsdale, AZ 85253 Early Registration: January 15, 2018 Website: https://ls.engineering.asu.edu/   Lawrence Workshop Announcement Lawrence Workshop Program   Sunday February 18th, 6:00-9:00 PM Registration and Welcoming Wine Reception Monday February 19th, Session 8:00 AM- 5:30 PM, Hosted Dinner 6:10––7:3...
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2017 LAWRENCE WORKSHOP ON SOLID-STATE TECHNOLOGY University Club on the Arizona State University Campus, Tempe Early Registration: January 15, 2017 Website: http://lw2017.engineering.asu.edu   Lawrence Workshop Announcement (pdf) Lawrence Workshop Program (pdf)   Thursday February 23rd 7:30 – 8:30 AM Breakfast 8:30 - 8:35 AM Welcoming remarks, Nate New...
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Meet the largest science project in US government history

LSRL is proud to have grown epitaxial layers for infrared detectors to be used on the James Webb space telescope. From Ars Technica: Meet the largest science project in US government history—the James Webb Telescope Precision? The Webb can detect heat generated by a bumblebee as far away as the Moon. by Lee Phillips - Mar 25, 2016 5:00am MST Recently, the James Webb Space Telesc...
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Lawrence Symposium Program

2016 LAWRENCE SYMPOSIUM ON EPITAXY, FEBRUARY 20-24, 2016 McCormick Resort Conference Center, Scottsdale Sunday February 21st, 7:00-9:00 PM Registration and Welcoming Wine Reception Monday February 22nd, 8:00 AM- 5:30 PM Morning Session Chair: Nate Newman, Arizona State University Hosted Breakfast 8:00 – 9:00 AM served in meeting room 9:00-9:05 AM Welcome by Monte Lawrence 9:05–9...
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2016 Lawrence Symposium Invited Speakers

2016 Lawrence Symposium on Epitaxy Sunday, February 21 - Wednesday, February 24, 2016 Location: McCormick Scottsdale | Scottsdale, Arizona Invited Speakers Martin Brandt: Walter Schottky Institute, Technische Universität München, Advanced quantum devices using novel and even isotope-engineered epitaxial semiconductor structures April Brown: Duke University, In-situ diagno...
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