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University Club on the Arizona State University Campus, Tempe


Early Registration: January 15, 2017

Website: http://lw2017.engineering.asu.edu


Lawrence Workshop Announcement (pdf)

Lawrence Workshop Program (pdf)


Thursday February 23rd

7:30 – 8:30 AM Breakfast

8:30 – 8:35 AM Welcoming remarks, Nate Newman

8:35 – 8:40 AM Introduction, Monte Lawrence

AM Session chair: Mac Robinson (Lawrence Semiconductor Research Lab)

8:40 – 9:25 AM Eli Yablonovitch, U.C. Berkeley

Plenary What does the Clock Speed of my Computer have to with the Fundamental Constants of Nature, h, c, q, m?

9:25 – 10:10 AM David Ferry, Arizona State University

What materials are needed to reduce the energy consumption of circuits and improve sensitivity of detectors?

10:10 -10:25 AM Coffee break

10:25-11:10 AM Lars Samuelson, Lund University

Semiconductor nanowires as enablers of novel functional materials and devices

11:10– 11:55 AM Bob Wisnieff, IBM Microelectronics Research Laboratory

What technology will dominate future digital microelectronics?

11:55 AM –1:30 PM Lunch

PM Session chair: Jim Huffman (Lawrence Semiconductor Research Lab)

1:30 – 2:15 PM Mark van Schilfgaarde, Kings College London

Electronic structure theory: what are its challenges and, if they can be solved, its future capabilities?

2:15 – 3:00 PM Bob Buhrman, Cornell University

Magnetism, what are the performance limits for memory and can it make useful logic circuits?

3:00-3:20 PM Coffee break

3:20 – 4:05 PM Artem Smirnov (VP of Strategic Projects) or Michl Binderbauer (CTO), Tri Alpha Energy

Progress and challenges in Tri-alpha Energy’s quest to achieve a practical fusion reactor

4:05 -4:50 PM David Larbalestier, Florida State University and the National High Field Magnet Laboratory

Superconductivity, what are its ultimate capabilities for power distribution and high-field magnets?

4:50 -5:35 PM Chris Lirakis, IBM Advanced Quantum Devices Laboratory

The potential of Quantum computing

6:00 –7:15 PM Evening dinner banquet

Friday February 24th

7:30 – 8:30 AM Breakfast

AM Session chair: Mahmoud Vahidi (Lawrence Semiconductor Research Lab)

8:30 – 9:15 AM Stuart Lindsay, Arizona State University

How microelectronic advances have enabled the new revolution in genetic and medical technology

9:15 – 10:00 AM Subhash Mahajan, U. C. Davis

Tailoring dimensionality in semiconductor structures

10:00-10:20 AM Coffee break

10:20-11:05 AM Suman Dutta, Notre Dame

The future of microelectronics and the fundamental limits to semiconductor device performance

11:05 – 11:50 AM Jerry Woodall, U.C. Davis

Solar cell technology challenges: moving beyond subsidies and power buy-back

11:50- 12:00 noon Closing remarks by Nate Newman

12:00 noon Box Lunch

1:15 -2:45 PM Optional tour of the LeRoy Eyring Center for Solid State Sciences



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